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I’m Not Your Inspiration Porn!!

” Let’s talk a little bit about “inspiration porn.” If you don’t know what that is yet, and you clearly have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard that phrase, Wikipedia gives us a matter-of-fact definition. The term … Continue reading

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Hello, My Name is Lana

I am a recovering People-Pleaser. I knew this would eventually come out. I don’t try to please people who read what I read. I try to please my partner at all costs. I even try to please the 2 dogs … Continue reading

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Breaking the Shell of Fear and Isolation

I’m living in a shell of fear and isolation. I want you to know me and see the heart in me. All the lies others have told me about myself and all the lies I’ve told myself about me have … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Taking a break today for the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve been on a Despicable Me/Minion binge, so I thought this would be appropriate. Much love and many blessings to all you lovely people.

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My Best Friend Is a Book!

A lot of kids want to be something special. A little girl can wear a cape around her shoulders and pretend to be flying, and for that brief moment in time, she feels as if she’s a superhero. I never … Continue reading

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Writing My Truth

Previously posted on Beguine Again. I have spent the past three weeks working on something I never expected to follow through on. I am rewriting the times in my life that have had the biggest impact on who I am … Continue reading

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Home–Or Maybe Not.

Last night I said I was looking for home. I haven’t moved excessively since I became an adult, but I definitely haven’t kept it down to a minimum. I’ve lived in enough different places that seeing the list makes me … Continue reading

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