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What Happens to Dreams?

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it wait patiently In the form it first appears? Or does it start to dry up as the hope passes that it will ever come true? Does it dry up and blow away … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Words just Don’t Say what YOU Want Them To

I tried slicing it apart line by line and rearranging it. It’s just not what I wanted. Intent to nap Sometimes keeps people out of trouble Especially when they were napping behind the wheel of a car Until the party … Continue reading

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I’m trying to truck on through, but I dearly want a reset on 2016. Already. Where are my words? Where are my ideas? Would y’all be interested in reading an introvert’s survival guide to being stuck in the hospital if … Continue reading

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I Want My Voice Back!

I feel muffled today. My words aren’t flowing out with the same certainty they did before the surgery. I’m on the same pain pills I was on before the surgery, after a short break for Percocet. I’ve never felt quite … Continue reading

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Still Trying to Wake My Mind Up

Freedom Sitting here typing slowly as the words come trickle by trickle My mind roams into all kinds of places I pick up books to do research about poetry I read others’ efforts to put their experiences and feelings into … Continue reading

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Narrowing the Universe

A sky full of stars that shine brightly over the whiteness A state trying to dig out Snow covered Hooterville Waiting for relief From snow plows that look like Zambonis Hospitals making it work With whoever found a way to … Continue reading

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Magical Vision

And then I could not see to see. The pressure grew and grew And then I could not see to see. I learned to see in other ways To see with my heart  Instead of my eyes. I learned to … Continue reading

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Winter Storm Approaching?

  It is getting cold. It is getting colder now. Snow is coming soon.   Waiting for the storm Wondering if it will come Will I get to go?   i am ready to go home, but there’s a winter … Continue reading

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Checking In

I’m going to keep this short. I lost track of time, and I should try to settle in for the night soon.My lesson to you all today is “Do Not Let a Neurosurgeon Cut Your Hair!” They are not hairstylists! … Continue reading

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Can I Pass for “Normal”?

I just want this over. I don’t quite know what to expect. I trust my doctor, but this is actually brain surgery. It’s a bit nerve wracking. Things could go wrong, I know they won’t,but they might. Of course they … Continue reading

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