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Under the Sea….

The poem prompt in the book I’m using is to explore a drowning or near-drowning. I don’t think I can do that, because the idea of going underwater for any reason, even showering or washing my hair when I can’t … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of Love

She divided her life in half She wanted to multiply her joys and subtract her sorrows Leaving the answers no amount of logic will explain. The equation is love + faith = me. If logic means anything to the world, … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here

I’ve had no words for the past few days. Maybe it’s because someone I love has lost someone she loves. I keep looking for words to offer comfort, but there are no words that can take away that loss and … Continue reading

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Sitting and Waiting

You don’t just think about bad things. You ignore all the wires and paraphernalia And focus on the part of your loved one Still present in the midst of all the pain.   You don’t worry about the anger and … Continue reading

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We met in a world Where everything is a gamble. Not Las Vegas, but online dating. You had a daughter and family That were part of your package I traveled to meet you, not telling anyone what I was doing … Continue reading

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Why are politicians not the way they are at home when they’re running for office? We see them in pictures playing with babies Shaking hands and giving autographs We hear them talking big talk in speeches No one can really … Continue reading

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Love in a Used Bookstore

  The bell hanging on the door rang As a young woman came in the door. She sniffed delicately as she entered the used book store “How I love the smell of old books!” She walked to the desk where … Continue reading

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Make a Wish

I wish I could make chocolate cake that had no calories or anything bad for anyone who might eat it. Moist, pure chocolate without anything to take away from it. I wish I could. I know people who never met … Continue reading

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A Letter to Fear

When Liz Gilbert posted this letter to Fear on her Facebook page, she suggested that we allow our fear to write a letter to us. I thought this was a brilliant idea since Fear has controlled not just my creative … Continue reading

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I Will Never Settle For….

These are answers for a writing prompt evening on Facebook that was arranged to help people avoid watching tonight’s political debate. Thanks, Amy Ferris and Blair Glaser. I will never settle for a life where I’m housebound, especially when I’m … Continue reading

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