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Joyful Rebellion Is for Me

I decided that I will be a NaNo Rebel this year! I desperately want to participate, but I don’t want it to turn into some kind of chore. I’m just beginning to love this practice, so I am participating in … Continue reading

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Anyone Else Doing NaNoWriMo?

I had told myself I wasn’t going to mess with that this year. I don’t write much fiction, but I kind of want to anyway. Of course, there’s the option to be a NaNo Rebel. I have to do some … Continue reading

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Are You In a Box?

I found the premise of the book and movie series Divergent fascinating. Everyone was to fit into their own box. They could choose the box they wanted to be in for the rest of their lives when they were sixteen … Continue reading

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Every Journey Should Be One of Heart

First of all, I loved the way the book is structured. Using the chakras as a framework for the narrative they were telling was a brilliant way to help tell the story. I learned a little about chakras too, which … Continue reading

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Finding Meraki in Our Lives

This is one of my favorite words that I never get a chance to use. It’s a Greek word, which I find interesting because I think it looks and sounds more Japanese than anything. It is a verb–sometimes an adverb–and … Continue reading

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Telling Your Stories for the Sake of Others

I finished this book today. It was the first of the memoirs I found about families touched by spina bifida. Diane was born in the 1940’s before they had any options to help babies born with the condition. Her family … Continue reading

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Being a Creative Introvert

So how many of you reading this are introverts? Is it hard for you to sit down and do anything creative that is going to be exposed to someone else? I have a really hard time with that. I’m just … Continue reading

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Learning to Live With Chronic Illness

I’m sorry if this image is a trigger to you. It was one that so made me think MIGRAINE!! I just finished reading Maia Sepp’s The Migraine Mafia. The title refers to the support group she found where she met … Continue reading

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Thoughts from A Mother

Marly Cornell’s talk “The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” presented 9.8.13 at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Center is on YouTube. I thought I’d share it with you all as a followup to yesterday’s book review. Thoug

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The Able Life of Cody Jane by Marly Cornell

“I have thought about the writing thing, and thought I’d write a bio about my life, but everyone does that. It’s boring. I have been thinking about it actually, and thought it might be fun writing children’s books. For one, … Continue reading

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