Words that Soothe the Soul

I spent the afternoon listening to music. I accidentally discovered that my “wild child” puppy dog Callie got quiet when I played the video for Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence.” I was so shocked when I noticed that I played a whole CD of their music. She came and put her paws on my right shoulder when the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” started playing.

When I write, I want to create a connection between me and whoever will read it. Even though I don’t know who will read it, and I may never know, I think about that when I sit down. The best words to me are the ones that create a connection between others when they read (or hear) them. I don’t have the gift of creating a song that will live well beyond the lifespan of the singer. All I can hope for is that maybe something I write might touch the heart of someone reading it. Maybe you might take to heart the message I’m giving you tonight.

That song made a connection for me today. It even touched my dog’s heart. I believe that with my whole self. Don’t be afraid to disturb the sound of silence. It is a gift. But so can your words be.

Your words can be a gift. Let that sink in. It’s hard to let it in, isn’t it? Let’s try to walk the journey together. Writing–creating anything–can be a lonely business, but the connection is part of the process, even if you never know it.





About lana1967

I'm a Southern girl at heart who wants to build a community of people who believe they can change the world with words like "love" and "freedom" when they become more than words, but actions in our work and our daily lives.
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