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Night Haiku

be serene and listen there is truth somewhere out there it is all you need.= Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Advertisements

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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

We ate at the church soup kitchen Remembering the last time the family had gathered for a three-course meal We went back to the mobile home On the grounds of the house we had had to rent out All of … Continue reading

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Six-Word Memoirs and Other Short Items

I’ve seen these around, and I’d like to try one. Filled with fear, I love much. Today’s Daily Poem to act justly   to treat fairly or adequately   to show due appreciation for   to acquit in a way … Continue reading

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Heart opens Birds tweet Sweeter than the radio No barrier Creativity We Are the Stories We Tell and the Stories We Don’t Tell.–My Husband’s Sweethearts, Bridget Asher s Asher, Bridget (2008-08-19). My Husband’s Sweethearts (p. 225). Random House Publishing Group. … Continue reading

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Brand New Key

Today’s prompt is about roller skates, and since Jimmy Fallon just did “Brand New Key” so epically, i needed to post this video. (You’ll get to see Melissa McCarthy do her thing too.) Watch Jimmy while he’s lipsyncing–his gestures are … Continue reading

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I Remember…

I remember how much I loved books I remember walking around the library I remember stacks of books that I carried home I remember carrying them back to their home I remember the first time I went in a bookstore … Continue reading

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I Am a Purple Zebra

I could have been a yellow elephant; I could have been a red zombie Eating brains from everyone I saw; I could have been all kinds of things If it weren’t for one problem– I am a purple zebra.   … Continue reading

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