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Finding Meraki in Our Lives

This is one of my favorite words that I never get a chance to use. It’s a Greek word, which I find interesting because I think it looks and sounds more Japanese than anything. It is a verb–sometimes an adverb–and … Continue reading

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Making a Way Out of Nothing

I’m going to get a bit spiritual here. This is my own story, not intended to offend someone else. There’s a Scripture passage where four men take a paralyzed man to Jesus. They couldn’t get through the door, so they … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Writing Self

I’ve been struggling with my writing process for a while, and Andi showed me why. I’ve been trying to do what other people do in their writing lives, and it simply doesn’t work for me. I need routines, rituals, and … Continue reading

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Hiding Behind a Mask

I’ve been seeing commercials for one of those new psych meds that doctors add to a medication to help it along. Since we talk about barriers to creativity when you’re disabled, let’s bring this one up. Depression that isn’t treated … Continue reading

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Apparently I Don’t Like Change

I’m struggling to do things in my life differently than I ever have before. I’m trying to believe that there are people out there who are reading this blog, so I keep going, no matter what is trying to keep … Continue reading

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Fingers on Keys

Patti Digh told me if I didn’t know what to write, sit with my fingers on my keys. Something has usually come for me with that advice, so I need to get back to just that. It really is hard … Continue reading

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Dear People Who Care: Listen!

How many of my readers with chronic illness and/or disability who go to church have been told, “I’ll pray for your healing, honey”? After they say, “Bless your heart, darlin’, “do they ever offer everything they’ve been told about any … Continue reading

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