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Learning to Live With Chronic Illness

I’m sorry if this image is a trigger to you. It was one that so made me think MIGRAINE!! I just finished reading Maia Sepp’s The Migraine Mafia. The title refers to the support group she found where she met … Continue reading

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The Able Life of Cody Jane by Marly Cornell

“I have thought about the writing thing, and thought I’d write a bio about my life, but everyone does that. It’s boring. I have been thinking about it actually, and thought it might be fun writing children’s books. For one, … Continue reading

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Creativity and Spirituality and Healing All Rolled into One

Since I told you all yesterday about Kate Wolfe-Jenson, I decided last night it was finally time for me to sit down and read this book. Dancing with Monsters: Chronic Illness as Chronic Transformation is one of the books I’ve … Continue reading

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Celebrating Creativity

Dealing with chronic illness is a creative project: chronic healing.Chronic healing is dancing with the chronic illness monster.–Kate Wolfe-Jenson Kate Wolfe-Jenson is a creativity celebrant who blogs at and She founded Creative Experiments, Inc. since creative experiments had … Continue reading

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All Writers Are Created Equal. Well, Not Really.

I found an intriguing article when trying to find something to write about tonight. The National Writers Union has a diversity section on their website. One of the diverse groups covered in this section is writers with disabilities. Being a … Continue reading

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What the Heck Is Sick Lit?

That is an unfamiliar term I noticed in passing while reading Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things. The mother of one of the main characters was reading a novel for her book club that she called “sick lit.” So, of course, … Continue reading

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Am I the only creative person with a disability or a chronic illness who has this problem? I can’t seem to help myself. Now that I have started requesting copies of books to review, it’s getting out of control. I … Continue reading

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Discovering Your Writing Self

I’ve been struggling with my writing process for a while, and Andi showed me why. I’ve been trying to do what other people do in their writing lives, and it simply doesn’t work for me. I need routines, rituals, and … Continue reading

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I edited the last post with the author and book title I’m recommending! Enjoy, y’all!

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Quick! Check This Out Before The Price Goes Up!

Before I got too far into it, I had to stop reading and post to my friends on Facebook about this book. I have friends who share her illnesses and others who are writers and some who fit both categories. … Continue reading

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