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A Summer Camp for Adults? YES!

I’m sorry that I’ve been out of the loop with y’all for so long, but it was a long summer. My spouse moved out, and I was trying to find a roommate without luck since I need some help with … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and Intimacy

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions anymore. They always seemed to be an exercise in failure. I pick one word to guide my decisions in the coming year and to see how that word shows up in my life. I … Continue reading

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“Third Places”

Have you ever heard someone talking about “third place” in a context that has nothing to¬† do with competition? I’ve heard the phrase and sort of gathered the implied meaning, but the origin is from a book called The Great … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide for Someone Suffering a Melancholy Christmas

I thought I’d try something different tonight. The Mighty writing challenges for the month of December came today, and I decided to write for those of us who are living with depression this holiday season. Even if we can’t pretend … Continue reading

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Meet Alternate Roots

I had forgotten about Alternate ROOTS for a while, but they definitely deserve a mention in the world of disability and creativity in the Southern United States. Alternate ROOTS supports the creation and presentation of original art that is rooted … Continue reading

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My Heart Bleeds for Beauty and Justice

The Bleeding Heart Art Space lives and breathes in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It came to life after I left Edmonton in 2011. Somehow I happened upon it a while ago, and I’m just in love with the idea. We have … Continue reading

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Being a Good “Literary Citizen”

I had never thought of literary citizenship as a “thing” before, until my friend Andi Cumbo-Floyd mentioned it on her Facebook page for her small business called Andilit a couple of months ago. For some reason today, it’s been floating … Continue reading

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The Art of Activism

I love my friend Patti Digh. She is someone who knows how to put feet on her beliefs and put them into action, as well as being able to tell stories of her life in a way that makes a … Continue reading

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I’ve been following Kelly Rae Roberts for a long time now, and this post arrived in my email on Thursday. She and some friends have come together in an effort to start a movement called #artistsforlove. She reminds us of … Continue reading

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Your Utopia, My Dystopia asked Ninni Holmqvist whether she wrote the dystopian novel The Unit for anyone particular in society, and she responded: My intention was that it is for everyone. But I guess it might especially appeal to middle-aged single people, childless … Continue reading

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