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Pain Woman Takes Your Keys by Sonya Huber

I discovered Sonya Huber when she initiated plans for the virtual Disability March in January. When I found an advanced reader copy of her book of essays called Pain Woman Takes Your Keys on Netgalley, I didn’t hesitate. I sent … Continue reading

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Dancing With Elephants by Jarem Sawatsky

I read an advance reader copy, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about it since. The amount of wisdom contained in this book is unbelievable. Jarem interviewed Jon Kabat-Zinn, Patch Adams, Lucy Kalanthi (wife of Paul … Continue reading

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Book Mail Is My Favorite!

I could not get the lighting right on this picture. My room is really dark. This was last week’s book mail. I discovered The Write Crowd: Literary Citizenship and the Writing Life when I wrote the post about literary citizenship. … Continue reading

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Being a Good “Literary Citizen”

I had never thought of literary citizenship as a “thing” before, until my friend Andi Cumbo-Floyd mentioned it on her Facebook page for her small business called Andilit a couple of months ago. For some reason today, it’s been floating … Continue reading

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Dystopian Lit Helps Escape Real Life Terrors

Hold on! Here goes a pendulum swing from playing on paper with paint to talking about utopian/dystopian literature. While flipping channels tonight, I found the first Hunger Games movie. Since I haven’t watched it in a while, I decided to … Continue reading

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On that note, I see a shift in my corner of the world. The Asheville Wordfest, which did not occur in 2016 due to the father of the organizer, is currently being planned for sometime in the very near future. … Continue reading

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Am I the only creative person with a disability or a chronic illness who has this problem? I can’t seem to help myself. Now that I have started requesting copies of books to review, it’s getting out of control. I … Continue reading

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Love in a Used Bookstore

  The bell hanging on the door rang As a young woman came in the door. She sniffed delicately as she entered the used book store “How I love the smell of old books!” She walked to the desk where … Continue reading

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Filling Ourselves Up So That We Can Share

I’m slowly coming to understand why writing these blog posts and poetry are more difficult some days than they are others. It’s hard to share what you think and feel when your mental bucket and heart are just completely empty. … Continue reading

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February 1–Oh, How I Hope for a Reset!

Why isn’t life as easy to reset as a computer? Today is February 1, and I’m trying to figure out how to feel better after getting my shunt put in. I do NOT remember feeling this crappy when I was … Continue reading

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