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Holiday Gift Guide for Someone Suffering a Melancholy Christmas

I thought I’d try something different tonight. The Mighty writing challenges for the month of December came today, and I decided to write for those of us who are living with depression this holiday season. Even if we can’t pretend … Continue reading

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Do Books and Poetry Protect Me?

In my Simon and Garfunkel marathon earlier this week, I rediscovered one of my very favorite songs. I’ve always admitted to taking refuge in books and consider them friends, but that definitely has a dark side. Somewhere deep inside that … Continue reading

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Declare Yourself Independent

Do you ever think too much about what people will think of your creativity? Well, I’m declaring today Independence Day from exactly that. I’m giving you permission to write/art for yourself and permission to remember that your art/writing doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Solitude Gives Us the Gift of Creativity

I used to believe that being alone was the equivalent of being lonely. There was no way that loneliness could be a good thing, so if I spent more free time alone than in the company of people I cared … Continue reading

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