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Why are politicians not the way they are at home when they’re running for office? We see them in pictures playing with babies Shaking hands and giving autographs We hear them talking big talk in speeches No one can really … Continue reading

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Love in a Used Bookstore

  The bell hanging on the door rang As a young woman came in the door. She sniffed delicately as she entered the used book store “How I love the smell of old books!” She walked to the desk where … Continue reading

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Make a Wish

I wish I could make chocolate cake that had no calories or anything bad for anyone who might eat it. Moist, pure chocolate without anything to take away from it. I wish I could. I know people who never met … Continue reading

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Having Fun With Words

  God and the Animals at the National Zoo He swings the elephants’ trunks and plays jump rope with the black howler monkeys. He says, “Bye, son,” to the American bison He loves the pandas because they are black, white, … Continue reading

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In Honor of International Women’s Day

Sorry, I had computer problems last night. But here I am tonight. This poem is in honor of International Women’s Day. Women do so many things in this world. They run homes, run companies, run marathons; They raise children, raise … Continue reading

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I Can’t Sleep

What was that? thump thump meow thump mow grrrr meow Kitty party at midnight! Wilson taught Isaac to go under the sink but not how to get out! Morgan bullies the others every chance she gets and Darby just sits … Continue reading

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Naming Babies Isn’t Always Easy

My stepdaughter is pregnant Thinking up names and making plans. Her mother was talking to our animals –Four cats, two dogs— And called one of them the name of each one of them. I told the new Grandma that she … Continue reading

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