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A Summer Camp for Adults? YES!

I’m sorry that I’ve been out of the loop with y’all for so long, but it was a long summer. My spouse moved out, and I was trying to find a roommate without luck since I need some help with … Continue reading

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What Do You Need to Create Art?

This right here is why creating any kind of art, including poetry and other kinds of writing, is so incredibly difficult to do. When you have a broken heart, it’s hard to feel the way you do, much less think … Continue reading

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I’ve been following Kelly Rae Roberts for a long time now, and this post arrived in my email on Thursday. She and some friends have come together in an effort to start a movement called #artistsforlove. She reminds us of … Continue reading

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Creativity Takes Courage!

I always wished I was a painter. I love bright colors. I love the sense of play in creating art. Unfortunately, I have a hard time achieving that “sense of play” when I’m creating something visual. I look at it … Continue reading

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Blessed Are The Weird People

I’m so grateful to be one of the weird people. I’ve always known I was a misfit and could never figure out precisely what caused me to feel that way. Part of me thought it had something to do with … Continue reading

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On that note, I see a shift in my corner of the world. The Asheville Wordfest, which did not occur in 2016 due to the father of the organizer, is currently being planned for sometime in the very near future. … Continue reading

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Get Curious. Dive Deep.

I rethought the image I used in yesterday’s blog post. “Digging deep” isn’t quite the image for this work that inspires me and keeps me going. “Diving deep” is what took hold of me last night. It’s hard to dive … Continue reading

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