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Creativity and Spirituality and Healing All Rolled into One

Since I told you all yesterday about Kate Wolfe-Jenson, I decided last night it was finally time for me to sit down and read this book. Dancing with Monsters: Chronic Illness as Chronic Transformation is one of the books I’ve … Continue reading

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Fingers on Keys

Patti Digh told me if I didn’t know what to write, sit with my fingers on my keys. Something has usually come for me with that advice, so I need to get back to just that. It really is hard … Continue reading

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Dear People Who Care: Listen!

How many of my readers with chronic illness and/or disability who go to church have been told, “I’ll pray for your healing, honey”? After they say, “Bless your heart, darlin’, “do they ever offer everything they’ve been told about any … Continue reading

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I Am a Purple Zebra

I could have been a yellow elephant; I could have been a red zombie Eating brains from everyone I saw; I could have been all kinds of things If it weren’t for one problem– I am a purple zebra.   … Continue reading

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Making Music Touches Hearts

  NPR Music has chosen a winner for the Tiny Desk Contest. Her name is Gaelynn Lea, and she is from Duluth, MN. The haunting violin strains and melody of her song “Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun” stood out … Continue reading

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Too Tired to Think

I’m so tired tonight I don’t think I have a topic to write about. Days like this are big barriers to being creative. I have the open heart, but my brain is just mush today. Every part of me hurts … Continue reading

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Connections in Creativity

I’ve been thinking about creativity a lot over these past weeks. What fuels it? What keeps it from striking a chord with the artist/writer? What keeps it from connecting with the audience? Is it something you can put your finger … Continue reading

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