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Pain Woman Takes Your Keys by Sonya Huber

I discovered Sonya Huber when she initiated plans for the virtual Disability March in January. When I found an advanced reader copy of her book of essays called Pain Woman Takes Your Keys on Netgalley, I didn’t hesitate. I sent … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just About Creativity

I needed a prompt today, so I Googled “creativity quotes” and found this one. I had never heard it before, but it seems like a wonderful way to focus my intentions for the New Year. I want to grow into … Continue reading

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Have a Creative Christmas!

I was searching for one of those amazing book Christmas trees that was all lit up when I stumbled on this. I instantly fell in love. Making this kind of tree would be so much fun! If only I had … Continue reading

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Robot Coconut Trees by Kelsey Horton

The first thing I wanted to know about this book is where in the world the title had come from. Kelsey quickly answered that with a story. Her five-year-old nephews who enjoy writing books and stories, asked what the name … Continue reading

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What Books Should Be On Your List? Part 2

I wanted to share some of my favorite writers about writing and creativity you may or may not know about. I hope you find someone or some book that’s new and intriguing to you. Eric Maisel is a creativity coach … Continue reading

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What Books Should Be on Your List?

I’ve mentioned a few things already that you might want to put on your Christmas list. Obviously, I want books! I think I’d like to share some of my favorite creativity books with all of you tonight. You may already … Continue reading

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Book Mail Is My Favorite!

I could not get the lighting right on this picture. My room is really dark. This was last week’s book mail. I discovered The Write Crowd: Literary Citizenship and the Writing Life when I wrote the post about literary citizenship. … Continue reading

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