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The Colors of My Heart

I saw this quote and instantly grabbed it. When we talk about using our creativity to change the world, it really isn’t to make us think something. Even though we think we’re trying to change someone’s mind, that really isn’t … Continue reading

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Blessed Are The Weird People

I’m so grateful to be one of the weird people. I’ve always known I was a misfit and could never figure out precisely what caused me to feel that way. Part of me thought it had something to do with … Continue reading

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Peace-ing Out Through Writing

“You’ve been making excuses for your writing since you finished college. First, you couldn’t find a subject that inspired you. Then, you chose Howard, who conveniently wasn’t interested in having his memoir written. When he finally said yes, you latched … Continue reading

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Learning To Hear Praise and Good Things

My friend Paula Offutt, a writer who lives in Weaverville, NC, posted this on Facebook; and to my great surprise it went straight to my heart. Here’s what she said (italics mine) So I’m reading Teamwork I, a dog training … Continue reading

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Joyful Rebellion Is for Me

I decided that I will be a NaNo Rebel this year! I desperately want to participate, but I don’t want it to turn into some kind of chore. I’m just beginning to love this practice, so I am participating in … Continue reading

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Being a Creative Introvert

So how many of you reading this are introverts? Is it hard for you to sit down and do anything creative that is going to be exposed to someone else? I have a really hard time with that. I’m just … Continue reading

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Dear People Who Care: Listen!

How many of my readers with chronic illness and/or disability who go to church have been told, “I’ll pray for your healing, honey”? After they say, “Bless your heart, darlin’, “do they ever offer everything they’ve been told about any … Continue reading

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