I edited the last post with the author and book title I’m recommending! Enjoy, y’all!

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Quick! Check This Out Before The Price Goes Up!

Before I got too far into it, I had to stop reading and post to my friends on Facebook about this book. I have friends who share her illnesses and others who are writers and some who fit both categories. I wanted to share her story, because it made me think about how easy it is to give into all the bad things that happen and how hard it is to keep going when you can’t catch a break. My heart broke for her at the same time I cheered for her. I wanted to hug her in her lonely times.

It’s rare that I find a book that gets under my skin this way–much less one that’s free on Amazon. I’m going to share it with as many as I can so they get a chance to read it!

I’ll try to write a more thoughtful review soon. I wanted to get this out there, because I want all of you to be able to catch it while it’s free!

Rebecca Patrick-Howard, From Welfare to Bestseller


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Yay, Renee!


Copy of He-Loves-Me-HealthyI’m reposting my review of Renee Dyer’s He Loves Me Healthy, He Loves Me Not in honor of release day. She has a new publisher and new cover!

I read this book and fell in love with the writing, the characters, the story. It brought the message of how devastating this condition can possibly be and the effects it has on both parts of the couple. This is no condition to take lightly.

I thought the depiction of a couple in crisis was well-written. The resolution was left open-ended, but I can live with that. Their story was left unfinished –we don’t know if Brenna’s life with Chiari will continue, or if the battle has reached an uneasy truce. I hope that one day Renee will revisit this couple so we can follow them further. (Renee has since said that won’t happen, but I would read it breathlessly!)

I received this book in exchange for an honest review, but I bought it anyway. It’s THAT good. Now I’m considering buying it again from the new publisher with the new cover. LOL

I ADORE this book!


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Books Are My Friends


I’ve spent more time than usual lately reading. I’ve been reading and reviewing on Amazon and Goodreads. It helps me feel a certain kind of comfort, introducing my friends to others. I’m NOT organized, but I like filing and shelving my friends on Goodreads.

I’m here. I’m trying to do what I can to work through to find my creative self again. Books are never a bad idea.

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Declare Yourself Independent

Do you ever think too much about what people will think of your creativity? Well, I’m declaring today Independence Day from exactly that. I’m giving you permission to write/art for yourself and permission to remember that your art/writing doesn’t have to give you financial support. That’s not why we do what we do.

I think part of how and why I went silent these past few weeks was writing for somebody else besides myself and the hovering thought reminding me my writing might possibly bring some kind of financial support to my life.

But I write to make sense of the world. To let story into the world. To let story CHANGE the world.

This blog post inspired by dear Elora Ramirez’ new book Indie Confidence.


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There’s a Hole


Sometimes the world feels inhospitable.
You feel all the ways that you and it don’t fit.
You see what’s missing, how it all could be different.

You feel as if you weren’t meant for the world, or the world wasn’t meant for you,
as if the world is “the way it is” and your discomfort with it a problem.

So you get timid. You get quiet about what you see.

But what if this?

What if you are meant
to feel the world is inhospitable, unfriendly, off-track
in just the particular ways that you do?

The world has a you-shaped hole in it.
It is missing what you see.
It lacks what you know
and so you were called into being.
To see the gap, to feel the pain of it, and to fill it.

Filling it is speaking what is missing.
Filling it is stepping into the center of the crowd, into a clearing,
and saying, here, my friends, is the future.

You don’t have to do it all, but you do have to speak it.
You have to tell your slice of the truth.
You do have to walk toward it with your choices, with your own being.

Then allies and energies will come to you like fireflies swirling around a light.

The roughness of the world, the off-track-ness, the folly that you see,
these are the most precious gifts you will receive in this lifetime.

They are not here to distance you from the world,
but to guide you to your contribution to it.

The world was made with a you-shaped hole in it.
In that way you are important.
In that way you are here to make the world.
In that way you are called.

– Tara Sophia Mohr

I had an epiphany this week. I wish I could say it was a positive one. I felt small. I felt as if I no longer mattered to anyone or anything. I knew it wasn’t true, but feelings are liars sometimes.

I’ve been hiding from the world. I don’t know if any of you know this feeling, but this is the message I believe I’m supposed to bring you this week. See the gap in the world, feel the pain of it, and fill it. Be the change you want to see. You can’t do that if you’re hiding and not speaking your truth.

I’m sending you so much love to light your way.

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Hiding Behind a Mask


I’ve been seeing commercials for one of those new psych meds that doctors add to a medication to help it along. Since we talk about barriers to creativity when you’re disabled, let’s bring this one up. Depression that isn’t treated or needs a different kind of treatment can suck up every ounce of creative energy you have. Even if your main disability is something physical, you’d be amazed at how quickly you’ll find yourself hiding behind a mask. Some of us cycle through down periods more often than others, but each of us has to figure out our own way of coping with them instead of giving in to them.

I haven’t posted here in several weeks, and I didn’t realize how depressed, angry, and stressed out I’ve been until today. I didn’t feel it was appropriate to talk about what was bothering me, but I wasn’t dealing with it either. I couldn’t come to this space hiding behind a mask, so I didn’t make an appearance here at all.

What are some ways you encourage yourself to be open and creative while dealing with the desire to hide away? I’ve got to work on some rituals to make that happen for myself.

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